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Solar System Damage Assessment

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In Solar Installation, Repair & Service

Great Plains Renewables has been providing solar panel installation services for residential, agricultural and commercial customers for more than 25 years. With our extensive experience in roofing, construction, and electricity, we have become the local experts when it comes to everything solar.

Our solar panel repair services include:

  • Replacement and testing of inverters.
  • Replacement or repair of panel mounting hardware.
  • Analysis and detection of inverter faults.
  • Replacement and testing of panels.
  • Analysis and repair of electrical malfunctions and ground faults.

Before starting repairs, we consult with the manufacturer of your equipment to ensure that every repair is properly executed.

We are fast, professional, and able to get your solar systems back up and saving in short order! Our work is of the highest quality, and we build our repairs around you to make it easier to file warranty claims with your system’s manufacturer, which helps you maximize credits for parts and labor.

When nature strikes... We strike back, fast!

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