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Solar Power Cube

One of the best ways to solve your power needs in remote locations. In times of disaster our Power Cubes can be used for telecom, and many other needs when there isn’t any power supply. There are many uses on construction sites from charging power tools, to fuel pumps, to running surveillance equipment. Great Plains Renewables customizes the solar system to meet the specific needs of residential or commercial clients.

Call us today for more information about our solar custom design power systems.

Cut Down On Energy Consumption

6 Reasons To Purchase a Power Cube

Resasons Below ↓↓↓

Clean Energy Source
Reliable Energy Source
Renewable Energy Source
Increased Cash Flow
Hedge against Inflation
Rising Electricity Costs
We are here to save you money and help you cut down on energy consumption. Our solar power kits come with many benefits.

Plans That Makes Sense

Good for earth, Good for life

Did you know you have the ability to make a positive impact on the environment? It can start when you decide to switch to solar power by calling Great Plains Renewables. Our experts can help you create an energy plan that makes sense for your home or business while putting the planet first.

Start reducing your carbon footprint by calling Great Plains Renewables at 402-709-4750. We’ll install your solar system in Nebraska as well as the outlying areas of the Midwest.

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