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Great Plains Renewables is the solar energy company in Gretna you need if you are interested in saving money while simultaneously cutting back on your carbon footprint. 

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Great Plains Renewables is the local Gretna solar energy company you need if you are interested in saving money while simultaneously cutting back on your carbon footprint. We offer solar energy solutions for your:

  • Agriculture solutions– Farm smarter with solar energy: boost yields and savings.
  • Commercial solutions– Power your business with solar: efficiency, savings, sustainability.
  • Residential solutions– Elevate your home with solar: energy independence and savings.

Go solar now to reduce expenses, increase cash flow, lower tax bills, and hedge against inflation.

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Great Plains Renewables, a leading commercial solar energy company, primarily operating in Gretna and the Midwest area, as a trusted and reliable Trade Ally for OPPD, LES, NPPD, and many other utility companies, with a focus on renewable energy solutions.

Great Plains provides comprehensive advisory and solar panel installation services to help Gretna businesses and organizations transition to clean energy alternatives. GPR provides a comprehensive solution to maximize the returns for our clients and investing partners. We’re there every step of the way from project development, to financing, construction, and any ongoing asset management.

About Us

Great Plains Renewables is a Nebraska based seller and installer of renewable energy. Our mission is to help people power their homes, businesses and farms with a mix of renewable energy that makes sense for them.

With our experience in development, engineering, installation, and management, you can be certain that when we work together with our clients, we formulate solutions that not only benefit you, but our entire community.

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Enhanced solar panel installation services in Gretna for optimal performance and customer satisfaction

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Comprehensive solar maintenance for lasting performance and peace of mind.

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Environment Analytic

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Renewable Systems Installation In The Heartland

At Great Plains Renewables, we pride ourselves on being accommodating to our community with excellent renewable energy services and customer service. Our solar energy company is based in Gretna, NE but serves the surrounding areas. If you’re not sure if we service your area, please feel free to reach out.

Our Mission

“Help people power their homes, businesses and farms with a mix of renewable energy that makes sense for them”


Our Satisfied Clients

    Daniel Hershberger

    Great Plains Renewables is worth the 5 star review. They are upfront about the process. They show up when expected and make sure the work is done right. They are willing to listen to your needs and make sure you get the system you want. There isn't a high pressure sales pitch. We have had the system on our house for 6 months and are very happy with it. After a heavy rain, we notices a roof leak from next to a vent. The roofer came out and said we would need to coordinate with the solar because a panel would need to come down so he could work on the pipe. The roofer said it might take them a couple weeks to coordinate it. I called Dale from Great Plains and he sent a crew out that day to make sure the roofer had what he needed. The leak got fixed and the solar was back up the same day. I highly recommend Dale and his crew.

      Matt SpieIman

      Dale and his team did a great job installing a solar array on my new garage roof. One of the easiest teams to work with and always on time. Was never sold anything I didn't need and gave me a very informed breakdown every step of the way.

        John Miller

        I am very happy with my experience with "Great Plain Renewables" for installing a solar energy system for my electricity needs for my farm and house. Our solar project was quite a bit more complicated than a normal installation, and Dale Luecke, in association with ABC Electric, figured out my "much more complicated process" and it has been working very well. I actually generate more electricity than I use from OPPD, and last month our electricity bill was a credit of over $8.00.

          Matthew Collis

          Professional service, very clear from system design through implementation. Amount of energy we are generating seems aligned with the estimation. We love our new system and so does the environment! Thanks Dale!

            Kathleen Timperley

            We are very satisfied with our solar panels from Great Plains Renewables. The crew were skilled and efficient. Dale designed our system well, so when we move it to our new home site it will be ready to generate upon arrival. Our last power bill, for October, showed we generated 75% of our needed power even with shortened days and cloudy weather. We would recommend them to anyone.

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